Wine pairing with What?

I’ve found a new wine company, Maker Wine, that I recommend – if you go to this link you’ll get a special discount They have frequent “virtual tastings” via zoom so you can meet the wine makers producing their wines and ask them anything about their wines and the choices they’ve made in its production.   The latest tasting, of their Verdelho, was last night with winemaker Gianna Fugazi of Wander-Must Wines.   A couple excellent books on wines and pairing with different foods were mentioned by Gianna: Perfect Pairings by Evan Goldstein and his more evocative followup, Daring Pairings which I’ve just ordered. Maker did a tasting kit for last nights virtual tasting consisting of the wine, Basil Olives, Dark Chocolate, Sourdough Flatbread, and a Pear/Bay Preserve from the eclectic Girl Meets Dirt in Washington state.