Procedure to install Zope and OpenTicket on a Cobalt RaQ3

Environment: Cobalt RaQ3, apache 1.3.6 with mod_so
Installation includes: Zope 2.2, OpenTicket 1.0

  1. get openticket from, e.g.
  2. get zope from, e.g.
  3. to install Zope:
    cd /usr/local ; mkdir zope; cd zope
    tar xzvf Zope-2.2.1b1-linux2-x86.tgz
    cd Zope-2.2.1b1-linux2-x86
    Note the super user name and password defined during the install, i.e.
    		The super user name and password are 'superuser'
            	and 'cR5iZdxUn'.
  4. Fix the permissions, and start up Zope:
    chown nobody:nobody var 
    chmod gu+w var
  5. Testing Zope:
    by default, the server starts up on port 8080. Test it by going to http://:8080/ If you want to change the port, look at the file and change the HTTP_PORT variable, or use the -w parameter with the start command.

    You should see a welcome to Zope screen. At the bottom of the page is a link to the management screen, or go to http://:8080/manage

    Enter the super user name and password displayed when you ran the install program

  6. install OpenTicket: go to the Zope home directory (/usr/local/Zope-2.2.1b1-linux2-x86 in the above example) and extract the OpenTicket package:
    tar xzvf OpenTicket1.0b2.tar.gz
  7. stop and restart Zope, either by running the stop and start scripts in your Zope directory, or via restart on the control panel interface.
  8. next, it is necessary to create a database (see either on the same server, or on another server in Postgres, Oracle, or MySQL as desired.
  9. once that is completed, follow the instructions for populating some of the databases and desired parameters.