Some items we use and recommend:

This is the Air Cleaner we use and recommend. It works well, is quiet, and is less expensive then most of its competitors. Avoid the ones that have Oznonators in them - it's a gimmick and not healthy!
These are the replacement filters for the Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner. We've been very happy with the performance of the unit.
Bakugan are our son's current fad - he has a bunch of them, and loves trading and collecting them. Naturally, we had to search around and try to find the best prices for these little bits of plastic. This is the best bulk deal we found.
And where are you going to store your Bakugan? In a Bakugan Tin of course!
and you need more Bakugan-branded stuff (this is almost as bad as Hello Kitty!)
let's not forget tattoos! Just what we need to complete the theme!
We like the cold-process method of making coffee and we use the Filtron system. It's similar to the slightly-better-known and more expensive Toddy system. The link on the left is the deluxe version (in that it comes with a measured dispenser), the one on the right is the basic Filtron Cold-Process Coffee Maker starter kit ..
To the left is the replacement filter pads, to the right is the replacement rubber stoppers. The Filter Pad only needs changing perhaps twice a year, the rubber stopper easily lasts a year or two, but they can get lost.